One Control Minimal Series USB Porter

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One Control har skapat ytterligare en innovativ strömförsörjning som glädjer alla pedalbords användare. Nuförtiden har många med sig läsplattor, och telefoner under gig. Nu kan du enkelt mata dessa med ström via USB.  
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One Control has created another innovative power supply that appeals to any pedalboard user. Nowadays, musicians use electronics, such as their tables and phones during a performance. What do these electronics have in common? You need to charge them via USB.

With the USB Porter, charge your USB devices directly from your pedalboard. The USB Porter comes equipped with two USB LED lights to enhance the players visibility in low-light settings. Don’t want to use the lights? No problem! Instead, use the USB outputs to charge other devices.



  • Outputs: 4x USB Type A (max capacity 2100mA)
  • Input: 9V center negative (max 2000mA)
  • ​Accessories: 2x LED Lights
  • Weight: 220g
  • Size: 39mm x 83mm x 30mm

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